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3N Outdoor Media, LLC. (“3N”) was created in February 2021 through a merger between 3N Outdoor, LLC, Enviro Media Group, Inc., United Equipment, LLC and MG Outdoor Media, LLC. 3N’s headquarters are in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

3N creates outdoor media opportunities for the purpose of building stronger communities through helping local businesses thrive with outdoor advertising and providing cities a public medium to communicate with their residents.

The 3N Family

Eric Nadel and Robert Rubin are the principals of 3N.


Robert Rubin CEO

Robert is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has created, operated, scaled, and sold several businesses in technology, telecom, logistics and manufacturing.

Eric Nadel 3N Outdoor Media

Eric Nadel President

Eric has 37 years of experience in the outdoor media business. His companies have generated more than $125 million of revenue in outdoor media. Eric originated the concept of leasing city-controlled property such as sidewalks to provide outdoor media on bus benches, bus shelters, trash cans, and light poles.

Michael Gray general Manager

Michael has experience helping companies achieve their goals in everything from 3d printing to operating a commercial kitchen to logistics

Darien Martinez Blanco Sales associate

Darien has developed great sales skills and customer services after his time in the Cemeteries Industry.

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Become a 3N Rep

Earn Money Through Referrals

An opportunity for retirees, housewives, and anyone who likes talking to people and making money.

It's highly likely that at one time or another, you have noticed a bus bench, billboard, or bin ads. Millions of other people have noticed them too, helping to make advertising the fastest growing outdoor medium in the country.

You can earn extra money while eating out or shopping, just by talking to business people you know or come in contact with, who own or manage any type of business that will benefit from great positive exposure. No selling is involved, just talking to people about the great opportunities for exposure OOH advertising provides.

group of people

To become a 3N Rep, call us or send us a message.

After registering, you will be sent a supply of 3N Rep cards you can hand out just like a business card.

While talking with the business people you encounter on a daily basis, hand these cards out. Should they express any interest, all you have to do then is call us and register your lead. One of the company's sales professionals will then contact your lead and, if a deal is closed, you will earn up to $100 for providing the lead.

It's that easy!

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